Wedding Photographer Andover: The Beginner’s Secret

wedding photographer AndoverWhat do you need to do to make sure that your first steps as a wedding photographer Andover will help lead you to a professional future? There are many things that you have to remember and watch out, but you cannot let them overwhelm you.

We’ll go through the most important things only because these are what will help you develop a professional habit in wedding photography.

Do not compromise your standard

Every wedding photographer works differently and from time to time, you may see how your style changes as you go through various experiences in life. But one thing that shouldn’t change is your standard, especially when it’s tempting to lower it in exchange for more clients. This temptation can really ruin your career and image in wedding photography.

The only reason that anyone would ever believe that you are the right guy for the job is how you show that you are consistent through so many jobs. Your updated portfolios and positive reviews will prove that.

Gain experiences

Anyone would trust in a wedding photographer that has 10 years of experience in wedding photography. But there will very few people who would consider you as a decent photographer if you are just barely starting on it. Experience is vital if you want to compete against so many wedding photographers around.

You can get experiences by working with a professional photographer and learn by observing. Most people get their first job after they have enough experience in knowing what wedding photography is. Others volunteer to take wedding pictures for free and keep those pictures as their portfolios.

Don’t be other people

Kids used to copy what other people do and learn from it. But in photography, following other photographers won’t get you anywhere. It’s important to develop your own uniqueness that makes you different from others. If you aim to become as professional as Jakob Gronkjaer, a professional wedding photographer Andover, for example, you will never be better than that.

Moreover, what works for a photographer might not work for others. You need to find your own specialty and only then will you be able to confidently say the reason that you are better.


It’s important to at least know about how to care your cameras and lenses. Make sure that they can operate at 100% functionality on every wedding. Check your equipment every time you go on a job because a simple mistake as forgetting to charge the battery can really end up as a big problem. You should also own a backup camera, so if your main camera dies or shows a constant error message, you are not in big trouble.

Carry them all in a bag that is made to store camera equipment. If you plan to bring more equipment, can you carry them along and not be late? Bring an assistant if it’s too much, but for your first job, we recommend that you only bring your camera and the necessary lenses.

The secrets aren’t so secret now, but if that means every wedding photographer Andover out there can be better in what they do, this is good enough. It will also lessen the chances of clients disappointed by their wedding pictures.