Setting Up Your Indian Wedding

Indian wedding photographyIf you are planning out your Indian themed wedding, there are a few things that you ought to know. For starters, getting a great expert in the field or in the niche will help you out a lot in such a way wherein you will have photos that will immortalize the momentous event and make sure that it isn’t stored somewhere lofty like your memory bank. You need it to be a bit more tangible. Hire the services of Indian wedding photography by If you are going to do this, you might as well make sure that you do this right and that you do this all the way in order for this to work out for you in all of the right ways. It depends on you on whether you would like to get into all of the rituals or just a few.

Another facet that you need to go ahead and take a look at as much as possible is the aspect of ensuring that your photographer is filled in on all of the rituals that you would like to observe when it all comes down to it. In more ways than one, the rituals are fairly similar to that of the usual customary weddings in the west. There’s just a different way of executing it. It is important that your professional wedding photographer doesn’t become overwhelmed with all of this especially if he happens to be from a different culture at some point or so.


This is the ritual wherein the father of the bride gives away his daughter to the groom. There is a similar practice in most wedding ceremonies so this is fairly easy for your wedding photographer to wrap his head upon at the end of the day.


There is usually a certain vessel filled with coals or wood and other kindling materials that are being lit up. The groom them proceeds to take the hand of the bride while that said fire is lit up. It is an important symbolism of the union between the bride and groom and something that is usually common in Indian weddings in general. If you would like to observe this, you must set out the preparations ahead of time so that there is always enough space for you, your guests, and for your wedding photographer to capture the footage the right way.


This is one of the most important rituals in an Indian wedding and it normally requires 7 steps for it to be complete and authentic at the end of the day. It is basically the back and forth saying of vows between the groom and the bride. It is oftentimes in Sanskrit and can turn out to be quite long. Think of it as an expounded version of the usual exchange of vows in a wedding ceremony. It depends on you and on your groom if you would like to do it in Sanskrit or in the language of the country that you grew up in if you happen to be an expat.