Newborn Photo Shoot Hacks

Baby proof all your props.

Newborn Photography Jacksonville FLThe props being used in a newborn photography Jacksonville FL shoot are creative and have gone beyond the ordinary. If you are planning to incorporate wooden crates, baskets, and other containers, then you should make it a point to have then sanded down smoothly so that they don’t pose a risk to the newborn baby. Be as detailed as you possibly can when it comes to this. No baby photos, no matter how beautifully they might turn out to be, will be worth putting your child in harm’s way. Be detailed and be thorough when you are assessing the props that you are planning to include and things will work out for you in the end. If there are any doubts about this, the best resource person that you can go to would be your newborn photographer. Chances are, he already has a lot of props on hand and you probably wouldn’t have to start from scratch. If you have any pegs for the shoot, then make it a point to communicate this out to him as much as possible.

Set the mood with music.

Babies are simple creatures and the setup of the newborn photography Jacksonville FL session will be more than enough to help keep them comfortable and at ease, ensuring that you get to avoid tantrums and crying that might lead to delays in shooting the photos that you wanted your newborn baby photographer to shoot after the fact. Go for something that is calm and relaxing. Spa music and lullabies, especially the instrumental ones, tend to work best. There are also a lot of white noise apps that are downloadable and for free. You just need to explore them and check out what your baby tends to like the most. Test it out in advance so that you already know what to do or what to go for during the actual photo session.

Get rid of excess gas.

Babies have a lot of extra gas and this is what you ought to take into account when you are prepping hi for the newborn photography Jacksonville FL shoot. If you want to feed him, make sure that you lean him face down against your shoulder and rub his back down ever so gently so that he can burp and get rid of extra gas that might make his tummy hurt and make him feel uncomfortable somewhere during the shoot.

Temperature control.

Your baby is bound to feel cold and uncomfortable because of the fact that he will be photographed in the nude most of the time or with very little clothing. You can make up for this by either adjusting the temperature, closing out the windows, and rubbing him up in between shoots to help normalize his body temperature. Every little bit helps and your role during the photo session is actually very important. It normally takes 3 hours or more, something that babies aren’t all that accustomed to so try to do what you can about it.