Event Photographer Top 4 Professional Tips

As an event photographer, it’s only rightly so that we all dream to become that photographer that is constantly taking red carpet and dinner gala pictures. But the road there isn’t easy and simple. There are things that we have to do and prove before anybody entrusts us with big responsibilities as mentioned.

What are the tips to reach that place, though? While we won’t be laying out the complete route, we can help showing you the guidance to not stray far from the route.

Take your first job seriously

The first job can seem like a minor job that you don’t think deserve that much attention but stop right there. This first job will determine if you’ll get another job. It’s also your big chance to gather as many portfolios as possible. It’s different with many other important shots, like wedding photography or commercial shots, where the clients don’t mind letting someone they’re familiar with to do it.

Even if you’re not yet in the row of professionals, take the job professionally. Do your homework and research about photography technique. Make sure that you also arrive earlier to get a good look on the venue or location of the event.

Recognize the key figure(s)

In big events, for example, the comic-con, key figures are always those people that we are interested to know about. For example, you’d want to get more pictures of the actors of the Avengers or the directors. The more you got, the better. You’d also want to red carpet pictures before the event starts like what you can see by this event photographer at www.smartpicsukeventphotography.com.

In small events, though, you won’t be seeing big shots like Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Evans. You should ask your client who the key figures and make note of them. The moment they enter the room is the moment you should start shooting them. While you can shoot several guests (if it’s a birthday party, for example, pictures of guests are always great addition), remember that you should keep an eye on the key figures every now and then.

Settle with a professional standard

From the start onward, set a professional standard for the things you do. It’s true that at the beginning, it’s going to be hard to try to sell your service at a professional price when everybody else is offering the same service and are more experienced.

If you need to get a client soon, rather than opening a cheap price, you should instead try offering free service to family members (if they are holding an event) as a form of complimentary service. This way, you’ll get portfolios easily without selling yourself short.

Never ever, in your career, sell yourself short or become doubtful of yourself in front of your clients. They only believe in professionals that act like one. Even if you have great portfolios but couldn’t act like one, you’ll lose to others who are able to deliver themselves well in front of clients.

Your image is something that sticks with you for a really long time and hard to get off. It’s not easy to change it once you’re stuck with one, for example, cheap and affordable event photographer.

Things You Need to Discuss with Your Event Photographer  


event photographyBefore starting with the project, you should first inform your prospective event photographer what kind of event you will be hosting. In this way, he can prepare the proper gear and equipment that is suited for the event. He should also be aware of the type of guests your event will be having. There are some events that have VIPs on their guest lists so it could be an issue of privacy. More importantly, there may be guests that do not want to be photographed like vulnerable or young people. These kinds of issues should be discussed beforehand with your event photographer. It would also be more efficient if you give him names of those you want to be focused on and key moments that should have high coverage, or shot lists. Having a shot list is essential for events because it ensures that the photographer will cover the moments that need to be captured. Most events, especially corporate ones, would require wide shots of the venue and shots that would suit the company’s aesthetics. Supplying the photographer with this list can help them prepare for getting the shot.

The matter of image copyright and usage should also be discussed.

You should inform your photographer for what and how you are planning to use the photos that he will take. Keep in mind, however, that the photographer still owns the rights over the photos but just gave you permission to use it in certain ways that you have both agreed upon. Make sure to ask the photographer in what ways the photos should not be used so that further issues in the future can be avoided. Also ask the photographer if he requires to be credited, and in what ways. Some event photographers like event photographer at www.smartpicsukeventphotography.com, put watermarks on their photos.

Be sure to check their photos for samples.

Some photographers just require to be credited through text, like on captions or through announcements during the event itself. This is a kind of marketing for the photographer so it should be brought up. The photographer should also be informed of the venue, and remember to ask him if he has experienced shooting an event in the venue before. If he has not, then you should invite him to come to the venue earlier, or even in advance, so that he can familiarize the place and find his way around. This can help him in formulating his needed lighting for some spots, and to find good backdrops as well. This can also be an opportunity for him to get pre-event shots with the venue still empty, and just focus on the décor and set up.

The photographer should also be informed of the dress code so that he may dress appropriately.

Inform him that dressing appropriately doesn’t necessarily mean dressing extravagantly. He needs to fit in with the crowd so that he won’t draw unnecessary attention to himself. Photographers are supposed to stay low key and as undisruptive as possible in order to get the most natural and raw shots of the event. Lastly, you need to specify when you need the photos. You may need some shots on the day after the event for a press release or the like, so it’s important that you communicate this to your photographer so that he may do what he can to meet your demands.

Basics Of Event Photography

event photographerIf this is your very first time to bring an event together, chances are, you are scrambling on what to do when the first place. What you need to know right off the bat is the fact that it is never going to be an easy task to undertake. There are a lot of things that you need to prepare for as well as a lot of things that you need to set up the right way. One main need in planning out an event is to make sure but you have picture receipts what happened. This is where hiring an event photographer comes in handy. When you have a professional on board, you got to focus more on the other things that you need to prepare take care of before and during the actual event. You’re probably thinking with the Advent of mobile phones, you can just take pictures of the event on the Fly. However you may be a bit wrong when it comes to this notion. You can’t possibly pay attention to the aspect I’m photo coverage alone once the event it’s in full swing.

Estimate number of guests.

Sure that you have a ballpark figure how many guests will be in the event that you are planning out before you start talking possible event Photographers that you can hire in the area. This is usually how they price air Services. So make sure that you have a pretty good figure the amount of people coming in before you start talking to people that you could possibly higher for the event what you are planning out. It’s important that you respect your event photographer enough not to shortchange him or not to cheapen him out buy haggling for his Services too much. As a professional he has taxes to pay, studios to maintain, equipment to update, as well as other overhead fees that he needs to pay out on a regular basis.

Loop in your event photographer.

Always have a habit of constantly looping in your event photographer on any changes that might happen somewhere in the middle of the event prep work. Make sure that the event photographer is always aware of the time and date of the event, the location, the expected Ingress time, and so on and so forth. Always make it a point the higher the top event photographer that you could find in the area. You need a true professional to get things taken care of for you when it comes to things like this. If you don’t know where to get started, try to look up for an experienced event photographer. You will surely be able to take advantage of his expertise and of what he can bring to the table by the table that your wedding is in full swing. Nothing can quiet compare to the aspect of a duly performing professional on board to help you and your partner in all of your wedding photography needs.