Posed vs Natural Wedding Photography: Why the Latter is Better

wedding photographer PeterboroughBack in the days, most photographers come up with posed pictures for their clients. This is due to the fact that camera gears and equipment are hard to carry around. Thus, clients and customers have to come to the studio for a photo session regardless of whatever kind of pictures they want.

These days, though, technology has allowed everything to be done on the move. There’s little to no restrictions, including taking photographs in a wedding.

The true reason behind wedding photography

Why do couples love having their wedding photographs? To get a wedding album. Why? Because it’s a beautiful reminder of how happy, how they started a new journey together and a memento of when they promised each other love forever.

There’s also the effort, money and time that you spent on decorating and choosing the venue. Not only that you want your wedding to be memorable for your guests, you want to able to store this beauty. Pictures are a great way to do this.

Wedding album is a great place to walk down the memory lane whether you’re looking through it alone or with your loved ones during your anniversary.

Naturally captured pictures

So, would you rather have a bunch of pictures where you pose with your family members or pictures that really lives up the mood and atmosphere of the time? A wedding photographer Peterborough from Emma Joy Photography explains that the best pictures are taken with the least intervention.

The photographer should work around without intruding the holy and beautiful occasion. This means that your photographer has to work with the least need of artificial lighting so as to not disturb the other attendees.

Such pictures when properly arranged and compiled with creativity will create an amazing storybook that you’ll be proud to show off and will make cry tears of joy when looked back.


A wedding photographer Peterborough that prioritizes natural and candid pictures will always strive to improve their social skills. They also understand the manner that one should have to refrain from disturbing the guests. Discreet, yet bold in producing images, that’s the professionalism one should have for your wedding.

Posed pictures, however, demands them to forcefully interrupt you and ruin the mood. Also, during the ceremony in many churches, this can be deemed as impolite.

Loving the pictures

In posed pictures, there are often no meanings to them. They are just beautiful pictures captured purposely and planned. But spontaneous pictures where you and your guests are just being themselves have a lot of meaning and memories kept in them.

Does your photographer have the vision to create such pictures? Surely, when you flip through your wedding book, you want to find yourself indulged and sunk into the memories of your wedding day.

Starting from when you are dressed up and getting ready to meet your groom for the first time. Onward to the holy matrimony where you both vow to love each other forever and have the first kiss immortalized in a photograph. On to the reception where everybody is getting itchy to get down to the dance floor and your photographer is there ready to snap the moves.

Remember; you want to have your photographers that capture images you will love even after your third generation.