Should I have More Photographers?

wedding photographer AndoverMany couples are worried about planning their wedding and if they’ve prepared enough. Reading through so many advice and must-dos, couples are bewildered with what is actually important. One of them is whether they really should get a second shooter.

There’s nothing wrong with having more people to work on it. However, it is a waste of money if a single photographer can pretty much do excellent in your situation. Let’s see now if you need more aside from your professional wedding photographer Andover.

Second shooter benefit

What can a second shooter do? A lot, and in fact, he can do what the lead photographer can do. Meaning more pictures captured, less running around and missed moments. A second shooter has his own style of photography, giving the possibility of seeing variation in your wedding pictures collection.

To sum up: they save time, increase the number of pictures taken and possibly bring different perspectives of the same thing onto the plate.

Do you need that?

A second shooter saves time when, for example, you want to have your morning session which includes dressing up, to be done in separate locations. A single photographer can’t be in two places at once. He has to go back and forth to capture them and one has to wait for the photographer to begin getting ready properly for the day.

However, there’s also the fact that you don’t have to forcibly take both sides’ dressing up pictures. Most of the time, the bride’s part is always more interesting. A professional wedding photographer Andover like can handle this well on her own.

The same can also be said on other benefits. Do you really want more wedding pictures of the same thing on your day? If a single photographer is capable to cover the whole event on his own, the second shooter will only take repetitive pictures in a different point of view. Most of the times, they look similar.

When a party is too big

Don’t assume on yourself that your photographer will be able to handle it himself. If your party is grand and big with more than hundreds of guests milling around, the best course of action is to hire more people. You don’t want all your planning and money spent on this day to just be forgotten in the next month or probably week.

A second shooter can then help cover several parts of the party while the lead photographer focuses on capturing pictures of the day. You also need to remember that during the group pictures time, you will have to sacrifice an hour for it to be done.

What the photographer thinks

Ask the photographer himself if he can handle the party. Professional photographers will not risk his image by saying he can do something he knows he can’t. If he honestly thinks that getting an assistant to come with him the better choice, then you should consider it.

Discuss how much time can be saved by your wedding photographer Andover if there’s a second shooter. This discussion will help you choose the best course of option in hiring wedding photographers.