Paying Your Wedding Photographer

wedding photography SurreyUndeniably, wedding photography Surrey can be expensive. Apart from the expenses on venue, food, drinks and decorations amongst many other details to fine out, you will most like spend more on photography. And the higher you value those photographs – which you should – the more you are inclined to spend to make sure nothing goes wrong, and that you get worthy photographs.

Couples typically spend a lot of money on wedding photography, knowing the worth and value. But it should not catch you off-guard. Ideally, you should have booked your wedding photographer months – 8 months prior in fact – before the wedding date.

Better still, you should start looking for your wedding photographer the day after you pick a wedding date.

Point is, you should budget a reasonable amount of money for your wedding pictures. You will be having series of interviews. Your budget should not disappoint you when you find that dependable and experienced photographer you like.

So, the very first step to paying your wedding photographer is to prepare a budget. Very simple right?

Well, yes. And there is more.

When Should You Discuss Payment?

There is a good chance if you are working with that photographer for the first time, he or she can disappoint you. But he is also aware that you can disappoint him or at least, get funny with payment.

No client likes it when he or she is disappointed at both the quality of the photos and the time of delivery. No photographer will be glad too, after doing a good job, if payment is delayed for no good reason. Payment is a show of commitment.

The issue of payment is one to extensively iron out during the interview. You should actually discuss it after you have picked a photographer, so that you are not led to select a photographer based on how flexible his payments are. The more important thing is how good his or her job is.

When Should You Pay?

Usually, photographers want to be paid in “many instalments”. But different folks, different strokes. Some will demand a certain payment before or a month to the wedding date to show that you are still committed like, providers of wedding photography Surrey. This is quite understandable because photographers have lots of bookings to take chances with any job. You then complete payment before the D-day.

Some will ask that you complete payment after the wedding day and others will ask that you pay when they deliver the pictures (which can be quite rare).

When you should pay is totally dependent on your photographer.

Whatever the case may be, the payment plan isn’t a criterion to choosing your photographer. From the interview you should ascertain if your photographer is a dependable individual or not.

Pay, But with A Contract

However, the ideal payment plan should be backed up by a contract. This is the most important way to protect your investment. If there is not contract, then you should not even hire the photographer in the first place. A professional wedding photography Surrey provider at that is one that comes to you with a contract and one you can invest in.

While a contract can protect your interests and help mitigate the risk of disappointment, it will also help you remember that it is time to pay your photographer.