How a Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer Shoot in the Dark

Hertfordshire wedding photographerThe dark environment is something that every Hertfordshire wedding photographer face. Especially if you are assigned to shoot on the reception party of your client. You have to adapt to the darkness around you and attempt to take beautiful pictures in it. Does that mean you should use your flash on every subject?

Remember that pretty pictures don’t always mean they must have the subjects and everyone in it clear. There are many ways to take special pictures of the day without trying to flash everything as if you flipped the lamp button on and off really quick.

Bring your lighting kit

What do you need to get the picture look clearer? A flash! But what was that about not having to flash everyone with it? The first obvious way out to a dark place is to light things up. Imagine, for example, if you have to take pictures when the weather is gloomy. The sky is getting dark and your camera is not getting enough light in.

You need to give the pictures more light for it to capture the scene easily. One way to do it is to use a flash diffuser on your subject as that will allow your lens to capture the picture sharper. An alternative is by using speedlights that will briefly light up the place.

Plan the location of your lighting equipment

Where do you need light to shoot when you take the pictures? Plan things out before the party starts. A reception party is usually followed by a dance session where the room is darkened and only the couple dances in the middle. It’s a real challenge trying to snap anything at all because cameras don’t work well in the dark. That’s why you will need the help of a speed light.

Check out the pictures of a Hertfordshire wedding photographer, Catherine Pound Photography. Even in the dark, the photographer manages to capture the pictures with no problem. It certainly captures the romantic moment of the married couple dancing together.

Light painting photography

What about light painting photography? It’s not a hard thing to practice and basic drawing technique with light can bring some really amazing results! The couple will definitely love the results that you are able to come up with.

Light painting photography allows customization to every each couple. You give them something to draw with; a lightstick, a firework, anything that shines and let them write something they love! Let them leave a message for themselves in the future, a message they couldn’t see when they drew it, but became very clear when captured.

Plan with your client

After you know what you want to do, do not forget to let your clients know about it. They need to if you want them to work with you according to your plan. Or else, their own schedule might crash with yours and you’ll be left with having to skip a few important poses that you thought you’ll easily get to shoot.

A Hertfordshire wedding photographer should always prepare to shoot in dark places. Reception parties almost always have a time when it’s completely dark and you never know when the weather decided to hide the sun from you.