Challenges, Discrimination and Misunderstanding

same sex wedding photographerThe world is changing drastically. In the States, more and more countries are sanctioning the rights for same-sex wedding to be brought to reality, legally. This opens to a big, niche market. While rights are being openly declared, many still yet are facing discrimination and challenges, or at least, their perception has let them to thinking so.

The Misunderstanding

Following the legalization are the lawsuits of several wedding photographer and wedding planners who abruptly rejected to cover for same-sex weddings. Of course, what ever your sex orientation or even sex is, the same human species should not be treating you differently. After all, you’re just trying to hold a lovely party with that significant one and you just need a pro same sex wedding photographer to help you.

A certain photographer, who now also works as a same sex wedding photographer, explained that she truthfully was inexperienced in the field and had to reject a two-brides offer. Truth to be told, it wasn’t the norm; at least, the community was not yet molded to accept and act on the new norm.

Facing these rejections, whether it was based on prejudices or purely lack of confidence, may leave a bitter aftertaste. But for the sake of keeping your marriage a happy one, ignorance is a bliss. There are many others who have provided special packages for gay marriage and that one or two rejections shouldn’t hold you from moving on and keep putting in the extra effort.

The Challenges

To the same sex wedding photographer, the challenges can be real because the notion of ‘groom and bride’ is not there. Moreover, there isn’t just one, but two type of photography to learn again. And just like when you started out as a wedding photography, it’s good to get newest updates on art books, references and communities who are dedicated to the cause of it.

And then, employees have to be trained to understand and show respect to these couples. It can take time, and even a toll of possibly a number of hate comments and reactions from the public when inexperienced ones make a scene. Aside from quickly adopting and implementing the new cultural and norm changes, we can only wish that those who feel offended can understand that changes cannot happen overnight.

The Discrimination

We have been talking and assuming that everybody is not mean and they are just awkward in the face of a real case because they are the very first to encounter and they had to avoid for fear of disappointing results. But the real life is harsher. There WILL be people who are bigots and true haters. Some others just had to reject you no matter what, though they have not even the slightest intentions of being discriminating. Reasons can go from pure awkwardness to pure hatred and we can only pretty much notice what pure hatred is. When it comes to the worse, legal actions can be taken.

But discrimination is happening the other way around without people realizing.

We all know that gray area, where there are people who hate and then comes people who don’t, and people who are indifference to either one. Yet, no one can conclude if one side is better or true and yet, we cannot force someone to make the decision he wishes to abstain from. Just like someone else’s 6 should not be carelessly be perceived as 9, we are all entitled to decide how we view 6/9. And with this base, attempting to decide that someone’s no, or 6, as hatred, is the same with the attempt of classifying same sex wedding as wrong, or 9.

The real challenge is about understanding and showing respect.

A change of wording, such as couple from bride and groom, can help ease the tense and awkwardness. Whether or not you are pro, not yet ready, or con, showing concern to anybody that comes seeking for your services is only the right thing to do.