Wedding Photographer Andover: The Beginner’s Secret

wedding photographer AndoverWhat do you need to do to make sure that your first steps as a wedding photographer Andover will help lead you to a professional future? There are many things that you have to remember and watch out, but you cannot let them overwhelm you.

We’ll go through the most important things only because these are what will help you develop a professional habit in wedding photography.

Do not compromise your standard

Every wedding photographer works differently and from time to time, you may see how your style changes as you go through various experiences in life. But one thing that shouldn’t change is your standard, especially when it’s tempting to lower it in exchange for more clients. This temptation can really ruin your career and image in wedding photography.

The only reason that anyone would ever believe that you are the right guy for the job is how you show that you are consistent through so many jobs. Your updated portfolios and positive reviews will prove that.

Gain experiences

Anyone would trust in a wedding photographer that has 10 years of experience in wedding photography. But there will very few people who would consider you as a decent photographer if you are just barely starting on it. Experience is vital if you want to compete against so many wedding photographers around.

You can get experiences by working with a professional photographer and learn by observing. Most people get their first job after they have enough experience in knowing what wedding photography is. Others volunteer to take wedding pictures for free and keep those pictures as their portfolios.

Don’t be other people

Kids used to copy what other people do and learn from it. But in photography, following other photographers won’t get you anywhere. It’s important to develop your own uniqueness that makes you different from others. If you aim to become as professional as Jakob Gronkjaer, a professional wedding photographer Andover, for example, you will never be better than that.

Moreover, what works for a photographer might not work for others. You need to find your own specialty and only then will you be able to confidently say the reason that you are better.


It’s important to at least know about how to care your cameras and lenses. Make sure that they can operate at 100% functionality on every wedding. Check your equipment every time you go on a job because a simple mistake as forgetting to charge the battery can really end up as a big problem. You should also own a backup camera, so if your main camera dies or shows a constant error message, you are not in big trouble.

Carry them all in a bag that is made to store camera equipment. If you plan to bring more equipment, can you carry them along and not be late? Bring an assistant if it’s too much, but for your first job, we recommend that you only bring your camera and the necessary lenses.

The secrets aren’t so secret now, but if that means every wedding photographer Andover out there can be better in what they do, this is good enough. It will also lessen the chances of clients disappointed by their wedding pictures.

4 Characteristics of a Professional Wedding Photographer Ireland

wedding photographer irelandPretty sure that for many couples who are asked about what they want out of their wedding, aside from a happy marriage and successful party are some gorgeous wedding pictures to take with them. You have planned the day so hard and invest so much time, effort and money into it. This big, beautiful party has to remember by having a professional wedding photographer Ireland to take those pictures for you.

In fact, for many brides, this is a requirement to say that they had a successful wedding party. Such a beautiful day cannot go by without it, so if that’s what you feel, keep reading to find the guide that will lead you to the right photographer.

1.   Friendly

This photographer will greet you with a smile and makes you feel comfortable right from the start. He knows how you are a complete newbie in this thing and tries his best is explaining about wedding photography. He will answer your questions and listen to your concerns and just like a friend, he tries to help you prepare your wedding by giving you advice as a person who has seen thousands of weddings before.

This is also the photographer that you will be comfortable to be with for the whole day. Remember that you will be stuck with the photographer later on your wedding day and if you don’t feel comfortable, it will show on the pictures that he captures of you.

2.   Has a reliable website

Your photographer should have a professional that contains his professional works in slideshows to be seen by others. It should also be easy to find his contact information and biography of the photographer you are working with. We’ll give you an example of a professional wedding photographer Ireland who goes by the name Olga Hogan.

If you visit his site, you can see portfolios as well as contact information, so if you like his works, you can immediately drop a line.

3.   Invest his time

Your wedding photographer shouldn’t be the person that only shows up on your wedding and never sees you again after that. This is a very special event for you and your photographer should think the same of it. He should be willing to invest his time by coming over to your wedding rehearsal when you invite him to or regularly contact you to get the latest update on your wedding.

4.   Relevant experience

It’s true that some photographers have much more experience than others. Some may have higher qualifications and achievements to brag. But it’s more important to find a photographer that suits your needs. Someone who has the experience to work on a similar wedding party is even more suitable for you than the photographer that charges a few hundred dollars higher.

Find the photographer that understands what you need and can show you his past works which are relevant to yours in size or theme. That photographer is more likely to bring you great results and beautiful wedding pictures. These are 4 signs of a suitable wedding photographer Ireland for you.

How a Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer Shoot in the Dark

Hertfordshire wedding photographerThe dark environment is something that every Hertfordshire wedding photographer face. Especially if you are assigned to shoot on the reception party of your client. You have to adapt to the darkness around you and attempt to take beautiful pictures in it. Does that mean you should use your flash on every subject?

Remember that pretty pictures don’t always mean they must have the subjects and everyone in it clear. There are many ways to take special pictures of the day without trying to flash everything as if you flipped the lamp button on and off really quick.

Bring your lighting kit

What do you need to get the picture look clearer? A flash! But what was that about not having to flash everyone with it? The first obvious way out to a dark place is to light things up. Imagine, for example, if you have to take pictures when the weather is gloomy. The sky is getting dark and your camera is not getting enough light in.

You need to give the pictures more light for it to capture the scene easily. One way to do it is to use a flash diffuser on your subject as that will allow your lens to capture the picture sharper. An alternative is by using speedlights that will briefly light up the place.

Plan the location of your lighting equipment

Where do you need light to shoot when you take the pictures? Plan things out before the party starts. A reception party is usually followed by a dance session where the room is darkened and only the couple dances in the middle. It’s a real challenge trying to snap anything at all because cameras don’t work well in the dark. That’s why you will need the help of a speed light.

Check out the pictures of a Hertfordshire wedding photographer, Catherine Pound Photography. Even in the dark, the photographer manages to capture the pictures with no problem. It certainly captures the romantic moment of the married couple dancing together.

Light painting photography

What about light painting photography? It’s not a hard thing to practice and basic drawing technique with light can bring some really amazing results! The couple will definitely love the results that you are able to come up with.

Light painting photography allows customization to every each couple. You give them something to draw with; a lightstick, a firework, anything that shines and let them write something they love! Let them leave a message for themselves in the future, a message they couldn’t see when they drew it, but became very clear when captured.

Plan with your client

After you know what you want to do, do not forget to let your clients know about it. They need to if you want them to work with you according to your plan. Or else, their own schedule might crash with yours and you’ll be left with having to skip a few important poses that you thought you’ll easily get to shoot.

A Hertfordshire wedding photographer should always prepare to shoot in dark places. Reception parties almost always have a time when it’s completely dark and you never know when the weather decided to hide the sun from you.

These Are 4 Strong Reasons Why You Should Book a Newborn Baby Photography

newborn baby photographyWe see that some parents are still not sure whether they should plan to get a newborn baby photography session or not. There are many things that you have to prepare for your newborn and there seems to be not enough time to think about a photography session.

But, hey, this is a chance that you won’t ever get again. Time will never tick back. So, give this a read and consider again because who knows, you’ll change your mind!

A very short moment

Like you could imagine, after having a baby, you will be so preoccupied with taking care of him and researching about many things. Being a mother and all, it must be very busy! And you don’t realize it when your newborn grows up into a baby and then a toddler. Because a newborn baby only stays like that for a couple of days, 2 weeks at most.

We’ve seen many mothers saying the same thing. That they never thought they will ever see their baby during those moments again and should’ve taken more pictures of the baby!

Professionally done

A professional newborn baby photographer knows how to take pictures of newborn babies from the right angle. Sure, we have smartphones with amazing camera quality these days, but sadly, not all of us have the photography eyes or abilities to take pictures!

A newborn baby photographer knows how to place the baby, what prop to use and the studio to work in. They also have the props and the necessary equipment to take the pictures. You don’t have to worry the pictures of the babies with shadow on them or the background ruining the pictures. For newborn baby photography, you can check and see how they are worked on amazingly.

Portfolios to judge

You can always look at different newborn photographers’ portfolios that will help you decide who you want to hire. Portfolios are the best way to see if you will like the photographer’s style and also see the results of the pictures taken by the photographer. You can also use it as a reference for when you want to hire the photographer. Such as, which pose you want to see or which props you want to be used.

You can also ask for the photographer’s type of service, such as formal photography and lifestyle photography. The two of them have their own pros and cons with some photographers being better in a particular style.

More pictures!

Newborn baby photography service allows you to get a bunch of well taken and edited pictures. You won’t lose out on your newborn’s moment anymore and you will get those pictures that you will keep for a really long time. This is a reason that we believe many people agree with. It’s like taking official pictures of those moments, not giving out.

So, what do you think after reading this? A professional service will get you some well-worked on pictures of your newborn baby. They are taken with quality good enough that you will keep them for a very long time, next to your wedding album. Still, don’t want to get some?

Paying Your Wedding Photographer

wedding photography SurreyUndeniably, wedding photography Surrey can be expensive. Apart from the expenses on venue, food, drinks and decorations amongst many other details to fine out, you will most like spend more on photography. And the higher you value those photographs – which you should – the more you are inclined to spend to make sure nothing goes wrong, and that you get worthy photographs.

Couples typically spend a lot of money on wedding photography, knowing the worth and value. But it should not catch you off-guard. Ideally, you should have booked your wedding photographer months – 8 months prior in fact – before the wedding date.

Better still, you should start looking for your wedding photographer the day after you pick a wedding date.

Point is, you should budget a reasonable amount of money for your wedding pictures. You will be having series of interviews. Your budget should not disappoint you when you find that dependable and experienced photographer you like.

So, the very first step to paying your wedding photographer is to prepare a budget. Very simple right?

Well, yes. And there is more.

When Should You Discuss Payment?

There is a good chance if you are working with that photographer for the first time, he or she can disappoint you. But he is also aware that you can disappoint him or at least, get funny with payment.

No client likes it when he or she is disappointed at both the quality of the photos and the time of delivery. No photographer will be glad too, after doing a good job, if payment is delayed for no good reason. Payment is a show of commitment.

The issue of payment is one to extensively iron out during the interview. You should actually discuss it after you have picked a photographer, so that you are not led to select a photographer based on how flexible his payments are. The more important thing is how good his or her job is.

When Should You Pay?

Usually, photographers want to be paid in “many instalments”. But different folks, different strokes. Some will demand a certain payment before or a month to the wedding date to show that you are still committed like, providers of wedding photography Surrey. This is quite understandable because photographers have lots of bookings to take chances with any job. You then complete payment before the D-day.

Some will ask that you complete payment after the wedding day and others will ask that you pay when they deliver the pictures (which can be quite rare).

When you should pay is totally dependent on your photographer.

Whatever the case may be, the payment plan isn’t a criterion to choosing your photographer. From the interview you should ascertain if your photographer is a dependable individual or not.

Pay, But with A Contract

However, the ideal payment plan should be backed up by a contract. This is the most important way to protect your investment. If there is not contract, then you should not even hire the photographer in the first place. A professional wedding photography Surrey provider at that is one that comes to you with a contract and one you can invest in.

While a contract can protect your interests and help mitigate the risk of disappointment, it will also help you remember that it is time to pay your photographer.

Traits a Wedding Photographer Peterborough Should Emulate

wedding photographer PeterboroughThe job of a wedding photographer Peterborough might appear glamorous at first but looking closely, there are certain aspects of the profession that are still regulated by rules. Without rules set in place, most photographers might not achieve the level of success they hope to attain for their businesses. As such, this brings us to the don’ts of the photography business.

Wedding photography is not only about showing up at a wedding and capturing the moments as they happen then presenting the clients with their wedding photographs. It also heavily relies on the professional conduct of the photographer to make the coverage of a wedding successful. The following are characteristics or traits the average photographer should endeavor to emulate for the provision of better services:

  • Punctuality

Although it may seem hard to comprehend, there are certain photographers that fail to make it to the venue of the wedding on time. This not only speaks bad about the professionalism of the photographer and leaves a bad impression, it also means the photographer can miss certain key moments of the wedding. Some photographers have even lost their jobs on the site of the wedding after appearing late for it.

Now, there might be several reasons why a photographer fails to appear at the assigned time, but no client wants to hear excuses. A good wedding photographer Peterborough such as should be one that thinks ahead of time. If traffic is going to be an issue in getting to the venue, then set out early or lodge in a hotel or inn close to the wedding venue. Leaving things to chance is the last thing you want to do.

  • Promise and Deliver

There are two categories of photographers when it comes to fulfilling promises made to clients. The categories are those who promise & fail and those who promise & deliver. For a professional photographer you do not want the word to go around that you are not someone that can be trusted to keep their promises. If a client asks for certain essentials during their wedding coverage, and if it is something you cannot do then don’t promise it.

It is better to make your abilities clear from the get-go to avoid scenarios of accusations and unsatisfied clients. Now, if you are sure that you can fulfil a certain request of the client, then you have to ensure you deliver as at when due and according to the standards requested for. At the end of the day, you ought to remember that every action or inaction taken on your part can have a major effect on your reputation so always exercise caution before committing.

  • Honesty

No hidden fine print, no veiled words and no giving of excuses just the plain truth. Most clients appreciate photographers that say things like it is. Lack of honesty between the wedding photographer Peterborough and client is always a cause for trouble. If the client requests for certain services that will require an increase in charges then state it clearly do not hide behind a contract. The same thing goes if you find yourself stressed for time to deliver on the wedding pictures you promised the client.

5 Most Effective Ways to Become a Professional Photographer

It’s every wedding photographer Jacksonville’s aim to become a professional. Apparently, it’s not something that just anyone can achieve, however, it’s true that there’s always one or more things that you can do to improve yourself to become one.

Follow these 5 methods and you’ll surely be paving your way in the right direction.

1. Create that image

When you promote or market your business, make sure that you’re doing that with a professional image in mind. Do not try to sell yourself cheap just to make more people look at you. There are two kinds of attractions, the one that sells low and the one that sells professionally. If the latter is what you want, do that.

Set a price that you know is around acceptable for professionals. If you want to, you can instead throw in more bonuses or add-ons for your clients that booked more expensive packages. It’s a way to make those buyers happy without looking cheap.

2. Strive for improvements

Sometimes, we like to think that we’ve achieved a point of being the best. That kind of thinking will lead us to a result that, okay, we do not need to improve anymore for now. That’s not the kind of thinking that will allow you to become a professional. Improvement, no matter how small, matters.

It doesn’t mean you should become a greedy photographer. You should be able to be happy and proud of your achievements, but do not shut the opportunities of becoming better. If you’re a wedding photographer Jacksonville with little experience, you might be looking up to, a pro. She didn’t become like that overnight. Months and even years of hard work are what brought her to that level.

3. Love the job

Be a photographer that loves everything about photography. At one point in time, you might find yourself tired of what you’re doing and simply want to rest. That’s normal and totally okay. When you need rest, you rest. Take a break and find inspiration around the world or spend that precious time with your family.

Photography is always better when you can enjoy it. You will be able to take better pictures and are easier to be inspired that way.

4. Don’t rely on equipment

Never rely on the high specifications of your gears or equipment. Those aren’t the things that will decide if your pictures will turn out nicely. It’s you, the photographer, that can make even the most unimpressive moment, amazing.

Focus to take the pictures nicely in RAW. Editing is only to clean up the mess and enhance the colors, but the true value lies in your technique of capturing the pictures.

5.    Focus on building rapport

You can be sure that every time you build a good rapport with your clients, better results are always gained. It’s because everyone has different preferences and reason to like your style. You need to be able to find out what it is and shoot in the way they love.

Becoming someone that they are familiar with will also keep them more relaxed and satisfied with your work. Referrals for a wedding photographer Jacksonville are more likely to happen that way.

Should I have More Photographers?

wedding photographer AndoverMany couples are worried about planning their wedding and if they’ve prepared enough. Reading through so many advice and must-dos, couples are bewildered with what is actually important. One of them is whether they really should get a second shooter.

There’s nothing wrong with having more people to work on it. However, it is a waste of money if a single photographer can pretty much do excellent in your situation. Let’s see now if you need more aside from your professional wedding photographer Andover.

Second shooter benefit

What can a second shooter do? A lot, and in fact, he can do what the lead photographer can do. Meaning more pictures captured, less running around and missed moments. A second shooter has his own style of photography, giving the possibility of seeing variation in your wedding pictures collection.

To sum up: they save time, increase the number of pictures taken and possibly bring different perspectives of the same thing onto the plate.

Do you need that?

A second shooter saves time when, for example, you want to have your morning session which includes dressing up, to be done in separate locations. A single photographer can’t be in two places at once. He has to go back and forth to capture them and one has to wait for the photographer to begin getting ready properly for the day.

However, there’s also the fact that you don’t have to forcibly take both sides’ dressing up pictures. Most of the time, the bride’s part is always more interesting. A professional wedding photographer Andover like can handle this well on her own.

The same can also be said on other benefits. Do you really want more wedding pictures of the same thing on your day? If a single photographer is capable to cover the whole event on his own, the second shooter will only take repetitive pictures in a different point of view. Most of the times, they look similar.

When a party is too big

Don’t assume on yourself that your photographer will be able to handle it himself. If your party is grand and big with more than hundreds of guests milling around, the best course of action is to hire more people. You don’t want all your planning and money spent on this day to just be forgotten in the next month or probably week.

A second shooter can then help cover several parts of the party while the lead photographer focuses on capturing pictures of the day. You also need to remember that during the group pictures time, you will have to sacrifice an hour for it to be done.

What the photographer thinks

Ask the photographer himself if he can handle the party. Professional photographers will not risk his image by saying he can do something he knows he can’t. If he honestly thinks that getting an assistant to come with him the better choice, then you should consider it.

Discuss how much time can be saved by your wedding photographer Andover if there’s a second shooter. This discussion will help you choose the best course of option in hiring wedding photographers.

Secrets to Beautiful Wedding Pictures

Finding the right person to provide documentary wedding photography can’t be easy. There are a lot out there telling you how they are professional and can do the job perfectly. Yet, because you’ve never exactly hire one, unless you work as a wedding coordinator and it can turn into a guess match of who’s going to be better.

However, it doesn’t have to be like that for you. We know how troublesome that is so we’ve provided some tips and secrets to find your photographer.

Set out to find one early

Whenever you’ve decided on the date, that’s also the moment to start looking for a wedding photographer. While you may think about taking your time, know that there’s risk of letting the date of choosing your photographer close to your wedding date.

Photographers are often booked out a year ahead. Obviously, they can barely be available 6 months ahead. Other couples who love their works made the deal early, so you’ll be competing with others in booking for yours, too. That’s why you have to book your wedding photographer at least a year ahead of the date. The searching process can take a week to several months, so plan accordingly as this depends on your free time.

Let’s make an example of documentary wedding photography by as an example. Can you imagine how many couples would look forward to hiring him? Doesn’t that mean that you also have to make a quick move?

Don’t be swayed

Photographers have different techniques in trying to secure a client. While some may appear to be indifferent, others can be aggressive or even very persuasive. Remember to not be swayed by such words or attitudes. You know which one is actually pressing and which one isn’t. If your photographer appears very friendly and softly pressures you by saying there are other clients came looking for him for that date, too, don’t make that cloud your judgement.

There’s a reason why one is still available and the most logical act is to try to make you close the deal with them. Take your time discussing on the terms, but not for too long. Reasonably, make the decision after a few weeks to no more than 3 months after meeting them. This helps you secure a spot before they really give it out to others.

Be willing to keep the communication open

In working with others, keeping the communication easy to go back and forth is important. Firstly, you want your photographer to really understand about your wedding. It’s not just about where and when, but also more detailed things of it.

Don’t hesitate to show your worries, too! Your photographer is a great place to get some advice or solutions. They’ve seen enough procession and work with a lot of coordinators to at least have a hang on what works and what don’t.

Also, don’t forget to tell your photographer is there are any important changes to the party. At one point, you don’t want to leave your photographer in the dark. You also want to know what are his opinions on it.

These few tips can help you with getting that fabulous wedding picture from your documentary wedding photography when done right.

Event Photographer Top 4 Professional Tips

As an event photographer, it’s only rightly so that we all dream to become that photographer that is constantly taking red carpet and dinner gala pictures. But the road there isn’t easy and simple. There are things that we have to do and prove before anybody entrusts us with big responsibilities as mentioned.

What are the tips to reach that place, though? While we won’t be laying out the complete route, we can help showing you the guidance to not stray far from the route.

Take your first job seriously

The first job can seem like a minor job that you don’t think deserve that much attention but stop right there. This first job will determine if you’ll get another job. It’s also your big chance to gather as many portfolios as possible. It’s different with many other important shots, like wedding photography or commercial shots, where the clients don’t mind letting someone they’re familiar with to do it.

Even if you’re not yet in the row of professionals, take the job professionally. Do your homework and research about photography technique. Make sure that you also arrive earlier to get a good look on the venue or location of the event.

Recognize the key figure(s)

In big events, for example, the comic-con, key figures are always those people that we are interested to know about. For example, you’d want to get more pictures of the actors of the Avengers or the directors. The more you got, the better. You’d also want to red carpet pictures before the event starts like what you can see by this event photographer at

In small events, though, you won’t be seeing big shots like Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Evans. You should ask your client who the key figures and make note of them. The moment they enter the room is the moment you should start shooting them. While you can shoot several guests (if it’s a birthday party, for example, pictures of guests are always great addition), remember that you should keep an eye on the key figures every now and then.

Settle with a professional standard

From the start onward, set a professional standard for the things you do. It’s true that at the beginning, it’s going to be hard to try to sell your service at a professional price when everybody else is offering the same service and are more experienced.

If you need to get a client soon, rather than opening a cheap price, you should instead try offering free service to family members (if they are holding an event) as a form of complimentary service. This way, you’ll get portfolios easily without selling yourself short.

Never ever, in your career, sell yourself short or become doubtful of yourself in front of your clients. They only believe in professionals that act like one. Even if you have great portfolios but couldn’t act like one, you’ll lose to others who are able to deliver themselves well in front of clients.

Your image is something that sticks with you for a really long time and hard to get off. It’s not easy to change it once you’re stuck with one, for example, cheap and affordable event photographer.

Reportage: What It Is and What It Isn’t

wedding photography LancashireYou’ve probably come across not just one or two but tens of wedding photographers telling you that they do reportage photography. They proudly tell you that their reportage style is gorgeous and will give you timeless pictures, so on and so forth.

But, really, what is reportage? Why do people keep on offering wedding photography Lancashire while shoving this word as if it increases the value of it?

It’s not what you think it is

There’s a high probability that reportage is not what you think it is. This is because of the fact that many photographers don’t bother explaining the term to their clients. In the end, it gives a notion of sophistication and something that all wedding pictures must have.

It’s not what they do either

Now, because you don’t exactly know what they mean, you don’t exactly know whether they really do reportage, too! This is why knowing the definition and what it represents is important to ensure that you are paying for what you should be getting.


Reportage is a style that was commonly used by photographers like Nichola Morton Photography to capture stories on the spot. In warzones particularly, this is prevalent. Not all photographers can do this because instead of telling a thousand stories, the row of pictures they present have to show only a single story. How you capture them does not matter; whether it is in colors or not, candid or not, as long as the pictures are able to tell its story to whoever that sees it, that is reportage executed well.

Black and white or monochrome

Aside from colored pictures, some like to lump grayscale pictures from their wedding photography Lancashire as reportage. Well, sometimes they are just black and white pictures with no meaning even when put with other pictures, so can you even call that reportage?

The idea of using grayscale is to create a sense of the timeless moment. That’s derived from the fact that our grandparents’ old pictures are always in grayscale, yet, they are still keeping it and showing them to everybody else. But would you want all your pictures in black and white? Rather than timeless, they’ll become worthless.

Candid and straightforward

Let’s imagine this: a picture of a young girl showing you a cupcake she’s been eating. The background is blurred, but you can somehow notice a table of what seems like a buffet and crowds of people in formal suits. It seems like a party of the sort; most probably a wedding party because the buffet table is clothed in white linen and many of the guests look like they are enjoying themselves.

The girl was not candid; she looked at the camera lens and the photographer probably directed her. But the message was conveyed; this is an adorable girl enjoying the party and her cupcake. Isn’t this what you’re searching for?

But imagine if your photographer takes a candid back shot of a guest. The background was a beautiful tree at your venue. You don’t know who that is and nobody knows except them. How does that count as reportage? Imagine this found in the stack of your wedding pictures. You’ll have to fight with yourself between deleting what you paid or keeping it.

Loving It, Cherishing It, Treasuring It

wedding photographer BristolWedding pictures – they are one of those pictures that bear meaning more than just what is captured. Everyone wants something that they can hold onto firmly even after the party is over. It was a nerve-wracking day; the mark of the start of a new journey with someone who is different from you.

And that is why a wedding picture bears so much meaning and feeling

You visit friends and see they hanging a big frame of their wedding photos. Sometimes, you can’t help but smile, see how those people are just smiling from the bottom of their heart. They were truly happy, maybe awkward, but mostly happy.

It gets us to imagine, “What if I have a wedding picture, how is it going to look like? Who is going to stand next to me like that?”

Capturing and framing that very picture means that you want to be constantly in the presence of it, to be reminded of that one amazing day. The day you vowed to love your partner in sickness and happiness until death shall part you away. Just a single picture, but a powerful story.

We could live without it though

That’s what some others argued. If pictures determine how strong your relationship is, that’s a fragile one you’re holding. Pictures should not and cannot your love; if you have to waste thousands of dollars when you are already spending a lot to start a family, where’s the love in that?

You will probably be met with people who look at you weirdly when you say that you decided there’s no need to get a wedding photographer Bristol. Truth to be told, wedding pictures are not everything. Married people of the past did not have wedding pictures to keep.

But they do have a lot of other traditional activities or rituals that leave them a mark of their marriage.

And in times of distress

Turbulences will come, let’s face it. No relationship or marriage is perfect. You will argue about one thing or another and it just gets you reminded why you hate this person.

But imagine when you had actually hired a wedding photographer Bristol like It does not solve your problem, yes, but this is the pictures bears the ability to save a relationship. Looking at yourself smiling and embracing that one person as if you never want to let go; was that not your promise to each other?

Remind yourself that none of us will ever escape problems; we cannot avoid them all either. If paying a few thousands of dollars is what it takes to change your future and save your family, would you not pay for it?

Just a piece of thought

And to those who still hold firm to not having wedding pictures, no pressure. You are entitled to your own opinion and you probably have something else in your mind. Think of this as the reason why some of your friends would pay for it. It’s not a necessity, but it does help a lot, at least that’s what this article is saying.

It takes more than a few lovey-dovey pictures to save a marriage, but they are small steps that can help you to get through it later on.

Posed vs Natural Wedding Photography: Why the Latter is Better

wedding photographer PeterboroughBack in the days, most photographers come up with posed pictures for their clients. This is due to the fact that camera gears and equipment are hard to carry around. Thus, clients and customers have to come to the studio for a photo session regardless of whatever kind of pictures they want.

These days, though, technology has allowed everything to be done on the move. There’s little to no restrictions, including taking photographs in a wedding.

The true reason behind wedding photography

Why do couples love having their wedding photographs? To get a wedding album. Why? Because it’s a beautiful reminder of how happy, how they started a new journey together and a memento of when they promised each other love forever.

There’s also the effort, money and time that you spent on decorating and choosing the venue. Not only that you want your wedding to be memorable for your guests, you want to able to store this beauty. Pictures are a great way to do this.

Wedding album is a great place to walk down the memory lane whether you’re looking through it alone or with your loved ones during your anniversary.

Naturally captured pictures

So, would you rather have a bunch of pictures where you pose with your family members or pictures that really lives up the mood and atmosphere of the time? A wedding photographer Peterborough from Emma Joy Photography explains that the best pictures are taken with the least intervention.

The photographer should work around without intruding the holy and beautiful occasion. This means that your photographer has to work with the least need of artificial lighting so as to not disturb the other attendees.

Such pictures when properly arranged and compiled with creativity will create an amazing storybook that you’ll be proud to show off and will make cry tears of joy when looked back.


A wedding photographer Peterborough that prioritizes natural and candid pictures will always strive to improve their social skills. They also understand the manner that one should have to refrain from disturbing the guests. Discreet, yet bold in producing images, that’s the professionalism one should have for your wedding.

Posed pictures, however, demands them to forcefully interrupt you and ruin the mood. Also, during the ceremony in many churches, this can be deemed as impolite.

Loving the pictures

In posed pictures, there are often no meanings to them. They are just beautiful pictures captured purposely and planned. But spontaneous pictures where you and your guests are just being themselves have a lot of meaning and memories kept in them.

Does your photographer have the vision to create such pictures? Surely, when you flip through your wedding book, you want to find yourself indulged and sunk into the memories of your wedding day.

Starting from when you are dressed up and getting ready to meet your groom for the first time. Onward to the holy matrimony where you both vow to love each other forever and have the first kiss immortalized in a photograph. On to the reception where everybody is getting itchy to get down to the dance floor and your photographer is there ready to snap the moves.

Remember; you want to have your photographers that capture images you will love even after your third generation.

Things To Skip Out On When Working With A Wedding Photographer

Larger prints.

OBristol wedding photographersne thing that tends to really max out your expenses when you are hiring out professional Bristol wedding photographers is the aspect of ordering more prints than you have to. The larger the prints are, the more money they are bound to cost you somewhere in the process because of the simple fact that they require more materials and more efforts and this is what you need to take into account. So hold off of the print orders and try to see if your wedding photography contract gives you the right to go ahead and print your own wedding photos instead. Most of the Bristol wedding photographers allow this and this is something that you ought to tap into at some point or so. This way, you will be able to limit the costs for your wedding photography service and have more money left for the rest of the other stuff that you need to take care of for the wedding that you are planning out so far.

Paid special effects.

There are two types of special effects when you are hiring out your Bristol wedding photographers for the wedding. The first set is those that are relatively for free while there are others that come with a cost. Figure out what they are so that you can discuss this with your photographers ahead of time and so that you don’t have to end up running up a tab just because you aren’t aware of those that are paid and those that are not. You don’t have to get into the technical aspects of post production in photography. A general or basic knowledge about the free and paid special effects should already be more than enough and something that you ought to try to take advantage of at the end of the day.

Extra hours.

Be careful about the age old bridal mistake of overbooking your Bristol wedding photographers. This can be extremely expensive and not at all something that you will be prepared to pay out for. A good range would be at around 3 hours or so. This should be more than enough for your photographers to gain coverage of all of the highlights of your wedding without overcharging you for their professional services when it all comes down to it. If you want to go for Bristol wedding photographers who are reasonable with their rates, then check out Andrew Miller Photography. They are one of the best of the best in the industry without the ensuing price tag that can be deemed a bit unnecessary at times. Make the most out of your wedding photography service and make your money work for you in the process.

Drone footage.

If you have the extra cash to swing for it, then go for it. If you don’t, it isn’t exactly necessary and you can skip out of it. You can still get great looking photos without the added cost of a drone footage. Just work with what you have and the rest will follow through with little to no trouble at all.

Challenges, Discrimination and Misunderstanding

same sex wedding photographerThe world is changing drastically. In the States, more and more countries are sanctioning the rights for same-sex wedding to be brought to reality, legally. This opens to a big, niche market. While rights are being openly declared, many still yet are facing discrimination and challenges, or at least, their perception has let them to thinking so.

The Misunderstanding

Following the legalization are the lawsuits of several wedding photographer and wedding planners who abruptly rejected to cover for same-sex weddings. Of course, what ever your sex orientation or even sex is, the same human species should not be treating you differently. After all, you’re just trying to hold a lovely party with that significant one and you just need a pro same sex wedding photographer to help you.

A certain photographer, who now also works as a same sex wedding photographer, explained that she truthfully was inexperienced in the field and had to reject a two-brides offer. Truth to be told, it wasn’t the norm; at least, the community was not yet molded to accept and act on the new norm.

Facing these rejections, whether it was based on prejudices or purely lack of confidence, may leave a bitter aftertaste. But for the sake of keeping your marriage a happy one, ignorance is a bliss. There are many others who have provided special packages for gay marriage and that one or two rejections shouldn’t hold you from moving on and keep putting in the extra effort.

The Challenges

To the same sex wedding photographer, the challenges can be real because the notion of ‘groom and bride’ is not there. Moreover, there isn’t just one, but two type of photography to learn again. And just like when you started out as a wedding photography, it’s good to get newest updates on art books, references and communities who are dedicated to the cause of it.

And then, employees have to be trained to understand and show respect to these couples. It can take time, and even a toll of possibly a number of hate comments and reactions from the public when inexperienced ones make a scene. Aside from quickly adopting and implementing the new cultural and norm changes, we can only wish that those who feel offended can understand that changes cannot happen overnight.

The Discrimination

We have been talking and assuming that everybody is not mean and they are just awkward in the face of a real case because they are the very first to encounter and they had to avoid for fear of disappointing results. But the real life is harsher. There WILL be people who are bigots and true haters. Some others just had to reject you no matter what, though they have not even the slightest intentions of being discriminating. Reasons can go from pure awkwardness to pure hatred and we can only pretty much notice what pure hatred is. When it comes to the worse, legal actions can be taken.

But discrimination is happening the other way around without people realizing.

We all know that gray area, where there are people who hate and then comes people who don’t, and people who are indifference to either one. Yet, no one can conclude if one side is better or true and yet, we cannot force someone to make the decision he wishes to abstain from. Just like someone else’s 6 should not be carelessly be perceived as 9, we are all entitled to decide how we view 6/9. And with this base, attempting to decide that someone’s no, or 6, as hatred, is the same with the attempt of classifying same sex wedding as wrong, or 9.

The real challenge is about understanding and showing respect.

A change of wording, such as couple from bride and groom, can help ease the tense and awkwardness. Whether or not you are pro, not yet ready, or con, showing concern to anybody that comes seeking for your services is only the right thing to do.